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Created an escrow and he changed the conditions of the deals after escrow was initiated.


I asked for thread to be closed.



And clicked transaction completed, 1000$ went to his musd.



He came online and asked if he could send me phones,without providing tracking information he already sold the 1000$ from his MUSD.


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Fake tracking provided !!

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Nickname of Ripper : login


He said he got 3 iPhones for sale for 1000$,we agreed for for escrow and the point is he give me the tracking before I release escrow to him. After creating escrow he told me he send 2 packages by Fedex and 1 packages by ups.

I checked with my drop and he said they don’t have Fedex @ his country.


I asked Admin to o close thread and was expecting the 1000$ back in my MUSD,when that didn’t happen I clicked on transactions completed after many days and the 1000$ automatically went to his MUSD balance.


I sent him a PM immediately telling to send back the payments to my MUSD. He wrote asking if he can send the phone. I said if he agreed to providing the tracking number and that’s was the last I heard from him. The next thing is I saw him selling payments from musd without tracking numbers for you he phones.


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Гость stolichnaya

He uses same ID on Omertà....

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