looking to create a new team

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Hello Everyone


i know i am new to the forum but have been on the Darknet for some years now and i do not have a vendor account as such , but for anyone who is interested i am looking to create a team of members from the ground up where together we will work on projects. cash out together,build communities on D and CN. also advertise our own services in the near future. Everyone will have a fair cut of all the things we do together



we would slowly expand into a bigger community and hopefully this idea goes well


some of the things we will do as a team



2. refund services

3. create a fresh forum/website with legit vendors and a private community

4. work together on projects

5. make money

6. Create our own guides

7. Research- Exploits,Methods,Vendors, much more

8. and much much more in the future

9. Bank Transfers & Wire Transfers/Mobile Deposits

10. Paypal Transfers and Cashout


together we will expand the dark web community and hopefully create a place where there are no scammers


if anyone is interested to join no matter if VENDOR/MEMBER but as long as a couple months old and active then hopefully we can get this idea raised



Thank You


Sorry i had to but some info from another thread as i have the same vision as him.

Lets come together and build a better Dark World

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proof of regs onndarknet and what is darknet pro forum'sm where admins spam u with western union transfers lol?

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