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    7 марта
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  1. забаньте пидараса за призыва работать по СНГ
  2. Alipako - N/A

    If you wouldve click the sendspace link you wouldve seen him askin me for the rest of the btc you guys support rippers now admin i get a infraction for getting ripped this is crazy
  3. Alipako - N/A

    Here is a ss of you askin me for the rest of the Btc When i sent rest u dissapear admin look at sendspace and ban this guy ❗️ Добавлено через 1 минуту 35 секунд now you dont know me ripper once admin ask for logs i will send dont worry you wont get away with this
  4. Ищу старого партнера - ник DEXTER, кто слышал куда он пропал - дайте знать в пм за вознаграждение, пока без претензий ищу.
  5. berndsteiner ripped me off on 13k$ first I gave him 10 d+p for cashout - after cashout he pay me my share, second time when I give him 22 d+p he went offline and never come again ammount of claim is 13k - 4k (pledge for first time working) = 9000 USD I know he is ripper, ban this bitch !!!!
  6. Originally Posted by vortex Цены в лс скинешь? сложно на идеало зайти и 80% посчитать?