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    6 марта
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  1. Originally Posted by 1nsider zhaomeng, i don't want to tell you by your name... even if its idiot. READ FAQ BEFORE BUYING! As i said, you one of 10 who said pins are trash. For my respect i have for mak please tell me what is your problem and what you want from me in the end for you stop throwing shit in my thread. Thank you in advance! Don't reply me any news, I don't want to talk to you this ripper, I just want to tell the administrator, you are the ripper, thank you.
  2. Originally Posted by 1nsider You came with this report after using them. I have no reason to refund / replace you. All shops have same rules on selling dumps + pin. I am OVER advertising dumps + pin on this forum. Big apologies to mak! Chinese man, you have 100 accounts posting from them and talking bullshit. Also, you are the only one talking bad about my pins. On other boards people made good money. Only one question for you - Who is paying (sending) you to trash my thread, as we all know "good people" are making 10 accounts per day to fuck my thread on this board. It's "good" to make free accounts. Have a nice day Mey Ling! Shut your mouth. Sell invalid D + P, still have 100 accounts slander me, your when everyone is an idiot?
  3. Shop 100% ripper shop. Sell usa 101 D+P all invalid. I spent $500 to buy 5 PCS D + P, 3 PCS code 43 (stolen card), 2 PCS code 05. Ironically, he does not admit he sell invalid D + P, libel also said, I am the ripper! Evidence now posted: Id Dump full info Date Check 1103526 4060213175297579=17031010000000648000 |PIN: 7406|USA PINS|USA PINS 101| 19.10.2016 Live 1112466 4403300001117935=190310110000163 PIN: 5721 19.10.2016 Live 1140885 5508880050947358=17091011436407135? PIN:8520 19.10.2016 Live 1112496 4298197003155030=190610100157465 PIN: 3001 19.10.2016 Live 1140893 5107470024599017=17091010000000002570? PIN:5487 19.10.2016 Live End,brother, you the forum of why someone always sell invalid D + P, but you don't ban them more than once, your forum in this industry should be authoritative, rather than the ripper sellers congregate. I am in your forum from two years ago, witness your glory of forum, there are many good sellers, but this year, the forum you suddenly became a ripper sellers gathered place, why? I'm looking forward to your forum will return to two years ago, there will be a lot of honest and good seller, rather than, as now, most of the sellers are the ripper.