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    16 февраля
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  1. "we have imposed an initial deposit requirement of $200" Be verry careful with this, guys! redspider, you are new on market, forget this requirement. You must make your name first and earn vouches, then you can put some requirements.
  2. mpaul447, wtf?! Guy have problem and few days trying to get answer from you! I just watching, you post about updates and every time ignore him and his question. Man, that show us how you threat your customers. That is for me reason to don't try your shop. You must know that customer is always #1.
  3. Hi, all. I will try this shop... But... Who is able to bypass VBV payment page, contact me, I have nice job. You can do your job, and then can use same cards for my job - I will pay. Why not to use cards for more things when you can? Contact me.
  4. This guy ( try to scam me also. He send me some "vbv card" and want from me money urgent. I told him to wait to check what he send me, he told me: "Send me money, I will replace if something wrong". I try to use card, but CC number is invalid / wrong format. Be careful.
  5. This is NOT solved yet, nobody contact me, nobody answer here. mak? Jozzy is online on forum and still offer something for selling. :/
  6. 1. Jozzy 2. 3. I send to this guy 80$ for JP cc + vbv. After that he ask me to send him 30$ 'until tomorrow'. Yes, I was stupid bcoz I trust him and send him money, but I see he have positive feedbacks from other members. After that he delete me from jabber, block me and dissapear. And now he don't answer me on PM, but I see he is online. He get positive feedbacks from clones?! 4. 5. .... (18:26:32 ) Give me your btc address bro. (18:26:59 ) 1LksKADwfeDp1tYGdrGbWtR74hHgjUJSUx (18:28:03 ) 80$ ? (18:28:22 ) for jp? (18:28:24 ) I really trust you and don't want any escrow. (18:28:25 ) Yes. (18:28:30 ) yes (18:28:33 ) I will try with jp first. (18:28:51 ) i give you good bin credit classic (18:29:16 ) 2 mins (18:29:17 ) You've successfully sent bitcoin (18:29:20 ) receive ..... (20:48:14 ) my vpn it's expired. btc i exchange to cash .do you have 30 $ till tomorrow (20:48:21 ) i can't open my base (20:48:26 ) without vpn (20:48:48 ) I have. (20:49:41 ) lol. I am scamed 1000x times and i AGAIN trust to somebody. But, ok. Hope you will don't shut down me. (20:50:26 ) it's no problem (20:50:38 ) i can replenish (20:50:42 ) but need tie (20:50:52 ) nime (20:50:54 ) time (20:51:14 ) need go to pay terminal (20:51:28 ) btc address ? (20:51:53 ) 113D8WiUXj2QSmn3zqFP95CBx6BQSwAp6r (20:53:01 ) Sent. (20:53:08 ) ok (20:53:11 ) thx ... After this he delete me and dissapear. After 14-15 years I am scamed 1000x times, again! Will never again trust to somebody! Добавлено через 2 минуты 12 секунд I see now, somebody delete his thread, Visitor Messages, and his rep's. But he is still online. :/ Добавлено через 1 минуту 47 секунд Admin, investigate, I think clones are: Jozzy, Frozen, San, virus and calvin. Maybe have and more.
  7. This guy scam me too for 120$ !!!
  8. куплю cc + vbv

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