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    7 марта
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  1. Нужны дропы под zelle

    также интересны. маякните кто в теме.
  2. affirm

    В конце пишет мол не удалось индентифицировать, оно вообще дает? Тел нужен в кр или что?
  3. I asked p9 to help in this manner , wasen't able always busy , i need to find me a trusted coder for this issue , i am waiting , on the help of one . I am not going anywhere , give me sometime. Is all true what he says , I am the one who also told him all this . Добавлено через 2 минуты 15 секунд For the amount exactly i need to wait, cause even myself i don't know it ,hopefully fixed by coder very soon. Добавлено через 35 секунд Originally Posted by robot Yup he scammed me too. I never scammed anyone. Добавлено через 1 минуту 40 секунд Originally Posted by d27 I had very bad experience with this guy too.He lies his shop doesnt't have any active customers he took my 4000 dumps and changed shop domain, lied about btc problems, acted rude, and now he doesn't reply anymore. I recommend to don't do any business with him. He will be banned soon anyway. 1st domain is locked.Changed domain ? new domain is advertised on thread longtime ago . Instead of BUYCC.RU , is BUYCC1.RU All your dumps here , and active , and your panel is active as well . What the hell you saying ?
  4. Originally Posted by zubairb93999 41934 4730771002273170=170410110000080 30.05.2017,its expired card, my login i have put in ur private message bro, pls kindly look into issue bro 1. I don't understand why you post such info here on thread. 2. You send support ticket IN SHOP , AND , YOU WAIT , to be answered simply. Thank you , Don't do this again.
  5. EMV soft X1 4.1 FULL clean.

    Send it in my PM if you want , Ill try fix all errors on it , if there is.
  7. HI Boys & Girls 04.12.2017 BULK is READY! USA cvv2 Fresh 80 % + 100 pcs 450.00$USDBTC 1000 pcs 3800.00$USDBTC HUGE DUMP -of cvv2- Perfect for resellers and shop owners. PM for bulk orders , Thank you
  8. You need to upgrade your base bro..good but needs a better upgrade.
  9. ***FreshPC*** ONLINE 24/7 SHOP RDP

    Gave me free credit to test his shop . Nice interface , RDP live + Thank you.
  10. Originally Posted by eViLgEnIuS Look in shop , BUYCC.RU ! Thank you. Evil, check my update ticket plz. THANK YOU.
  11. I need strong credit card cvv 16 digit , cvv , exp EU UK ISRAEL GERAMNY AND INDIA how much each ?