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    9 марта
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  1. BIG NEWS!!!! Monday BIG UPDATE its comming!! Bulk buyers contact jabber!! First hand quality dumps!!! Enjoy!!!
  2. zubairb93999, Checker disabled on shop, right now you can buy only!! For refund just create ticket and will do almost instantly!! Thanks for buying!! All refunds done right now!
  3. tatoo46, Thanks for the good feedback!! BULK OFFER: 200pcs mix US 700$ (only this weekend!!!)
  4. Fresh bins added to USA base!! Load 300$ and you get double!! Offer for all resellers(Min to load 300$) Create ticket after funds loaded
  5. All prices goes down!! APPROVAL 90%+ Check shop and enjoy the lowest price on market this week!! Bulk orders and Resellers are welcome!! Dont forget to post feedbacks, Thank you all!!
  6. USA/WORLD 3500 DUMPS ADDED TO SHOP!! (VALIDRATE 90%+) Dont forget to leave feedbacks!! Enjoy first hand dumps with best prices!!
  7. Big Bank, Send PM with username on shop please! balllikeimkobe, You can buy world to, there are some bins left!! (will be more on next updates) tatoo46, funds added Regards
  8. I will give 200$ FREE CREDITS on shop to Members with +2 positive rep. For test quality dumps and leave feedbacks!! Ask here and send PM with user on shop! Only today! Regards
  9. Fresh bins added to shop today!! Enjoy first hand dumps!! We added JABBER support: