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    5 октября
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  1. bro why u don t use jabber is safer than icq but ur always away on jabber
  2. don t send money to this shops till they don t change their shitty rules and prices, otherwise we only lose money and make them rich
  3. Originally Posted by tunech101 Your old bases are garbage i dont understand why you even sell them still and dont refund 05 decline from old bases you guys are retards and your shop and bases are only good within the first 2 weeks of your update this is the same as secureim and ybfstore exact same bases the vendors seem nore desperate to sell then carders ur right bro, if no one bought from them, I would like to see if they do not put lower prices, and would change immediately their shitty rules . my advice is to not buy more from them until they change prices and rules. we must earn all in this game otherwise it makes no sense to earn only they who take advantage of us that risk our ass on street
  4. u have high prices and don t refaund 05 need to fix ur rules LISA
  5. Originally Posted by swagchamp817 Bro Hidden has a fairly decent shop, he has about the best prices around but I totally agree with you about the vendors care more about them making money than us. Majority of these vendors are charging $100 for a classic non refundable. Now vendors don't replace decline smh, they keep finding ways to make more money off of us while we lose. If dumps are fresh there is no reason for it to say decline on checker! right bro, and i reserved dumps that cost 120 or 175 each from fresh base and i used (first day) and was dead cause base is flag. but he don t want refaund cause say approval on cecker . so this means that base it s not fresh , but he with the excuse of its rules do not do refaund and we lose money, Problem is that don t know how to treat customers always want to win it, but he will lose many customer with those rules , i m the first who will not buy no more if he dont refaund my order
  6. you need to learn how to do business and how to treat customers because rules that you have make only you earn money but remember that you're nobody without us , so think well abaut that cause we r not stupid
  7. 9754 Bitcoin 21922 $34.85 $1.74 $36.59 0.0525379000 Completed 1AtGohDFaPFVAH8ATBf7zX9BAABM9XLJmt 2016-11-06 19:29:12 i don t see money on my balance pls ceck and fix problem Добавлено через 8 минут 51 секунду solved
  8. Originally Posted by Skozzy Very bad service ! 0/12 Fry Potato base my working bins bought from here never worked but from any other vendors they works. Добавлено через 2 минуты 4 секунды you're right my brother...this guy is a ripper he keep saying dumps approved and shit...even he's not always online....this guy have a man paid for support, that's not him on his contacts. I know that for sure cuz he said that. Very very bad service. right bro, and he always say that respects its own rules, of course cause this is what most convenient for him, cause bases are almost flag and cecker say approval so dont refaund nothing and we lose money, really good rules to steal our money
  9. Originally Posted by Getup Thought I was the only one who notice that.. I believe that whole reservation shit is a rip. A lot of bases get flagged after like 3days. So u update Thursday and release it Saturday by then a lot of those bins are flagged and dead already.. That's y I don't send money to none of these sites no more.. They all greedy and none of them respect they customers. They all swear they kno more then the customers, wen they never swiped a dump in they life. Don't kno shit about the dump game. But won't get no more of my money right bro they sell all garbage same hidden platinium same trash
  10. Originally Posted by touchmoneyheff It's time to start a strike ..... lets create our own forum leave real feedback & past it around to all the swipers we know ... this is ridiculous especially since there blocking 201 everywhere & they barely have good 101's ur right bro, this is ridiculus, it s time to be respected from all these vendors that only are taking advantage of us thinking only to fill their pockets
  11. tries to solve this problem to kurup bro, he post user name and btc transaction , just look btc addrees and solve the problem
  12. Tapgod is a fucking ripper, yall should ban that fuckboy. He's ripping people on icq for $100 false selling the nfc tap. Beware of tap god he's a fucking ripper.....anyone need proof p.m me and i'll show whole icq convo
  13. dumps approval only on cecker and then are dead on poss im talking abaut last base (coolstory )and don t refaund. very bad