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  1. попросил чела делать брон все норм все прекрасно советую
  2. ишу вбивалу кто может вбивать эти сайты остальное при переписке
  3. S vcherashnogo dnya pitayus svizatsa stoboy v jabbere net otveta
  4. необходимы вбивы с карт юса суммы от 1,5к$ плачу инстант 10% после успешного вбива icq 95999416
  5. hey ripper did you fix your checker or you still ripping people loll ..people are stupid to buy from you anybody who gives good review are either you asked them or clones .100% ripper shop be aware
  6. yalelodge read pilot's post also read lot of posts and you always have something to say we all wrong you right? lol pathethic...admin so idlf i py for advertisment i can oficially rip people too? why dont you fucking give this guy a ripper status?
  7. Re-read my previous message. I think You need to read your previous post where you asked me to send you my login info by porivate message.... man you did not get the point i am not asking for refund which you should give anyway but i pointed out fact that you fixed your checker to show live result.... this is fact EXPEDIA virtual card can not be live i can proove to anybody that your checker lies you can type and type but if your checker lies and you dont return this means only 1 thing you are 100% ripper and if you keep going I will open black for your site and post all the prooving posts that you are ripping people. NOW YOU ASK FOR MY LOGIN WHY DID YOU ASK?
  8. Elihu Yale, I sent you my login info I am also ready to proove anybody that your checker is giving wrong results my lst 3 purchases was checked by card-ok and same second your checker gave live and card-ok gave 2 hold call and 1 decline (fir expedia).. there is no way in the world expedia virtual card can be live thats 100% prove and makes me right. so if you not ripping refund me and same minute after you refund i will buy 3 cards and post in freebies section here so you will see i al not beging i just say the fact
  9. Ripper Shop. reasons why i say that... 1.checker 100% lies ofcourse you will say that you use try2check but i have prooves that either you or your checker lies. I bought 2 cards both of them showed live whioch i knew were dead and then wuallah there it was i noticed that 1 of the cards were expedia virtual card.what is expedia virtual card ? it is how expedia pays to hotels and it only works 1 time when hotel proccess the card its 100% dead and no way in the world it can be live at anywhere. 2. reason why you guys are rippers there is no way to send support ticket it says not saved question is why? if You want to refund my loose or change your checker write here i nevercomplaint at forums instead i preffer to write ticket but you even disable that issue... Please dont come with we use try 2 check lame excuse.... PEOPLE STOP BUYING BEWARE I will update how things went
  10. bought 6 cards checker gives false results.wrote support no refunds!!! decided to stop. nick in the shop vahagjan
  11. nod32-777 you always have same lame excuse for refunding cards? my nick is aster in your shop and i created ticket there and ofcourse again you said that i killed the card than asked for refund like you tell the same thing here.....why you say that just for keeping 20$ ? i mean i am really curious personally me i dont care for 20$ but some fact that if you dont refund me the money than probably all this people right about you!