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    11 октября
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  1. Originally Posted by TrackCode When did you make deal with me and on what contact because am only on jabber and was away on travel. Pm me here or on my jabber and tell me. JID: bro I'm tired of your shit stop the lies its crazy because I asked you for your icq on jabber and you gave it to me so cut the I only have a jabber out you scam nobody mess with this guy until I receive my money. I got pictures if needed. Добавлено через 2 минуты 1 секунду Originally Posted by llww666 You did not receive the goods in the end, please honest feedback, because I was trying to try his product this guy is a fake. I'm not the only one that got scammed by him. Добавлено через 1 минуту 47 секунд its not the fact that I lsot my money idc I get money. Its the fact that you sit here like your official and scam people.
  2. Originally Posted by 55555 So why did you load there? You saw bew update? I took from this shop 50pcs 3 or 4 good. Where did you go in his shop to find dumps because I don’t see a selection to choose for dumps
  3. Yeah I still haven’t gotten my order this guy is a scam . He’s a broke scammer
  4. okay my bitcoin loaded but there's nowhere in the shop that I can view any dumps.
  5. I’m having trouble with my bitcoin loading user roadgodd I sent it and it says confirmed but hasn’t loaded in your shop.
  6. Originally Posted by inioluwa Thanks bro, you do well Bro don’t use these guys I still haven’t received my dumps He’s a fraud.
  7. Originally Posted by inioluwa Hi bro, link to your shop or your ICQ is needed Bro don't use this shop yet I just recently sent him 250$ and he didn't reply for two days once I get my order ill let you know if this guy is good for you to trust. if I receive bad rep then we know whats going on. if the admin needs me to send pics or messages then let me know. PS: this message will changed once I get my order and see validi rate of pcs.