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    7 ноября
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  1. bro i bought France cant refund me? so your shop is very very fake.sincerly
  2. your cc is always very good. but the 2 last base you added is very very bad sir. you resell old base,or the cc you sell are sold by another . because you check cc valid and 20 minutes later this cc is dead. we wait that alright to add fund plz . Добавлено через 4 минуты 4 секунды Originally Posted by deputat Show proof of your words or i will post black of your bullshit words. I sell from private sniffer and everyone are ok with this cc only you cry im your best customer. im carding since 2003.I am an expert in carding.I never complained.but the two last updates is bad
  3. apprpoved has become bad.but is better than your bad cc you sell Добавлено через 1 минуту 8 секунд Originally Posted by Torpack Чекер работает в штатном режиме.ALEXSTAR пишите в джабер я онлайн.Решим вашу проблему. approved has become bad.but is better than your bad cc you sell
  4. please,sir remove the last cc you added on the shop. all is bad Добавлено через 24 секунды we lost money
  5. I knew you were going to do a fake job, while everything was perfect.since 10 days the cc are sold buy good cc and 20 minutes later, everything is dead.stop sell cc from private sniffer.
  6. bro i added 52$ and i paid 4 cc of france.all was bad. Often the crypto never existed all cc is bad. and no refund.I have written to the support since last Thursday. But no answer Добавлено через 4 минуты 53 секунды this base: MEGA WORLD CC/CVV UPDATE 90% RATE [REFUND 10 min] FRANCE was added MEGA UPDATE TODAY 09/08/2017 SORRY GUYS FOR DELAY i paid the same day of update 09/08/2017
  7. the real ripper ist not but the owner of this forum.How can it allow anyone to do the sales publication on the forum? I just lost $ 52